About Us

Staffordshire Drive Cleaning is a specialist drive and patio cleaning company operating with teams throughout the whole of Staffordshire and surrounding areas.


Our staff are all directly employed, highly trained and experienced in drive cleaning and operating the machinery we use. They have all been CRB checked, are uniformed, courteous and of polite manner. They are used to working in and around peoples homes and businesses and always ensure properties are left as they have found them, whilst taking all debris away.

Machinery & Materials

We use the latest machinery and materials to ensure the very best results are achieved when it comes to driveway and patio cleaning. Our state of the art rotary, high pressured water jet cleaner operates at a much higher pressure than any domestic machine leaving meticulously clean surfaces behind. We use a range of chemicals dependent on the debris and stains including Oil Away penetrators, detergents, protective seals, surface paints and formulated polymer bitumen based coatings.


Our cleaning and restoration work carries a 100% risk free guarantee and you do not pay a penny unless you are totally satisfied with our work. At the point of survey our team will point out what can be achieved and highlight any particular areas of concern beforehand.