Stage 1:

Driveway Cleaner: The unique, specially formulated and developed chemical wash dislodges, breaks down and removes dirt, greenery and grime from the surface including moss and algae.

Stage 2:

Spot areas which have been affected by oil, diesel and brake dust are treated with our “oil away” penetrator. Annual build up of these common motoring contaminants are agitated prior to the cleaning process.

Stage 3:

Our state of the art rotary, high pressured water jet cleaner glides over every section. Operating at much higher pressures than any domestic machine, it leaves meticulously cleaned surfaces behind.

Stage 4:

Stubborn areas receive a further deep clean detergent. The rotary cleaner returns over the whole area again for a second clean before its final jet off and inspection.

Stage 5:

After the drying process, all block paving and slabbed areas are treated to a hand brushed, kiln dried sand mixture coating. This ensures gap fill prior to our optional seal process reducing future weed growth.

Additional Optional Services

Protector Seal – service for blocks, paving slabs and concrete. This resin based product, forms a breathable semi-permeable barrier. Once coated the surface repels oils, greases, tyre marks and automotive fluids.

Surface Painting – service for blocks and paving slabs. A market leading product applied by roller and brush, this product revives tired looking block paving and slabs. Old and worn pavers can look patchy and discoloured. This sealant paint process restores and enhances the surface to a bold colour. A hand brushed, kiln dried sand mixture then completes the transformation.

Back to Black – A specially formulated polymer bitumen based coating. This process provides new life to old and worn tarmac with longer lasting protection against wear and tear.


Product Descriptions

Driveway Cleaner – A heavy duty cleaner developed for cleaning tarmac, concrete, clay and block paved driveways.

Oil Away – A blend of oil emulsifying surfactants used to spot treat difficult to remove oil stains from hard surfaces. Can be used on all types of surfaces.

Water Based Acrylic Block Seal – A water based resin used to seal and help bind block paving, clay pavers, concrete and slabs. This sealant enhances and brings out the colour of decorative brick and concrete. Not suitable for Tarmac surfaces.

Patio Protector – A water based, easy to apply product which forms a breathable semi-permeable barrier which repels fats, oils, greases, tyre marks, automotive fluids, etc.

Back to Black – A specially formulated to give new life to old and worn tarmac. It is a polymer bitumen based coating to ensure long lasting protection against wear and tear.

Moss and Algae Remover – A fast and effective formulation to remove moss, algae and lichen from patios, driveways and roofs. Safe on concrete slabs, paving blocks and stone, brick, tarmac, timber and garden furniture. Not suitable for use on grass.


*Please note all chemicals used are environmentally and pet friendly.


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100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Drive Cleaning


Our cleaning and restoration work carries a 100% risk free guarantee and you do not pay a penny unless you are totally satisfied with our work. At the point of survey our team will point out what can be achieved and highlight any particular areas of concern beforehand.