We provide Industrial and Commercial drive cleaning services to all types of property and land owners in Staffordshire and surrounding areas including businesses, property management, facilities management and local authorities.

Our cleaning services will have a positive impact on the performance of paved surfaces and their structural integrity as well of course the aesthetic look of the driveway, path or car park. Keeping access and pathways clean of moss and slippery surfaces is important with regard to the safety of your employees, visitors and the general public.

High pressure cleaning is crucial to maintaining safe and attractive surfaces and at Staffordshire Drive Cleaning we combine experience and the latest in technology to provide high quality results with competitive prices.  We have the experience and machinery to tackle all hard surfaces in all sectors of industrial and commercial cleaning, particularly where there are high volumes of heavy vehicles.

Our high pressure cleaning units work up to a pressure of 250BAR (3,600psi) and rotate at 2000RPM. By using this power in accordance with the expertise of our cleaners, we can get outstanding results on a wide range of surfaces, removing stains and restoring that new look that will freshen the aspect of the area and give the right impression to all those who use it, especially prospective clients or customers.

We offer an ad-hoc or retained service for industrial and commercial drive cleaning, restoring and maintaining properties including:

  • Car parks
  • Factory floors
  • Industrial estates
  • Business parks
  • Footpaths
  • Garage forecourts
  • Garden centres
  • Leisure centres
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Shopping precincts
  • Shop fronts


Please complete the form below for an approximate, no obligation, estimate on your cleaning requirements and if possible attach and image of the area. Please note all estimates are subject to a sight survey.





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100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Drive Cleaning


Our cleaning and restoration work carries a 100% risk free guarantee and you do not pay a penny unless you are totally satisfied with our work. At the point of survey our team will point out what can be achieved and highlight any particular areas of concern beforehand.